Saturday 3 July 2010

Journalling Course

I have signed up for an online journalling course - been plucking up courage for ages - and have now taken the plunge.

I am a bit late joining in - but as the notes and videos will be on line until September I'll be able to catch up. Some have almost finished their first journal - and a bit of blog hopping has revealed some very talented ladies especially in the 'sewing' department - which I have found rather daunting - but hey, I am up for a challenge.

Here is a sneak peek of  the one the tutor is demonstrating.

It is what I consider a 'real proper' journal where to create a book from scratch.  The pages, signatures, layering, assembling, binding - the lot!

One of the things that did shock me, was the fact that there is no cutting - NO scissors - honestly! I kid your not and I am seriously afraid. No straight cuts - no straight cuts - no scissors - no 'neat and tidy' - now that will be difficult.

I'll be starting on Tuesday so watch this space if you want to see how I get on. I have a list of things I need to collect..............

Paper, materials, lace, inks, paints, buttons, emphemera, stamps, quotes, shiny stuff, images, ribbons, sheets of watercolour paper - which I am having trouble tracking down - they need to be the 90lb weight and approx 22"x 32" ish.

I have already made a start on rummaging around in my remnant box for bits of material etc.  I have glues, image transfer paper, inks, paints, tea bags, coffee, and can improvise on most things as I don't want to do a 'big spend' but try and use 'stuff' I have around and about.

I'll be painting, sewing, gluing, transferring, tearing, ripping, and so much more! I don't expect my first journal to be very good as it will be all new to me - but using that as an exercise I hope to go forward in leaps and bounds after that.  My head is already buzzing with ideas - whether I have all the 'necessaries' to pull it off I don't know, but it will certainly stretch me.

Night night

Freebie music mag pages- and blog candy!

Inky Fingers Cath found a great Music magazine at a car boot sale in York, and is so generously sharing the pages each day on her blog.   They'll be great for so many projects.  If you are not following her blog already, then I suggest you do so,  as she also is a prolific 'poster' of great art work.

She also has some blog candy to give away later this month - so pop over and see what she has to offer.