Friday 29 March 2013


Be prepared to be shocked - it's shocked me!

I bought and second hand collage book from a lovely lady on a forum I belong to.

It took me completely out of my comfort zone.

Here is the first 'exercise'.

I used 'things I had to hand' and these were three flourescent marker pens, and a black one!

The exercise said to use glitter - yikes - I don't do 'glitter' either, but after a long rummage I found some which I got for my grandson - he likes bright colours and glitter.

On the Cardmaking Paradise Forum they had a link to a video that showed someone drawing Zetti borders.
Sadly this is nothing like the talented lady achieved - but it's my first attempt so I am happy with it - but whether I will be in the morning I don't know!

It's great to just play isn't it!

Well judging by your lovely comments - it certainly did the trick and shocked you!

I am working on some more  today - along the same theme but more subdued!

UK Stampers Easter Tag

I have spent the past few days on and off working on an Easter Tag for the UK Stampers tag competition.
Please click on the photos to see an enlarged photo

I started with a print of a Victorian Easter card.

I wanted it to look like a Victorian painting - but not wishy washy so I tried to build up layers to give it depth.
It's quite hard, I found, with water colours as you have to wait ages for the colours to dry, the go over it again with different tones
Funnily I found the egg quite a challenge - how to make the white paper to look not so flat.
So I gave it a wash of watered down grey, the added some blue and a hint of wishy washy peach.
I am quite pleased with the broken 'lid' of the shell lying on the grass.

 I did the same with the chick - close up it looks dark but it's lighter in real life.
I used several 'goes' with a black biro for his eye and beak
It's hard to get a decent photo of it - but it does look very vintage and the old gold
edging just seems to finish it off. I often use black but it's too harsh on this card
It's not often that I confess to being pleased with the results of my work, 
but actually I am with this - I'll add a silk ribbon, but didn't want to hide the painting for the photos.

Right - I am off to clean out my real life chooks!

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