Thursday 2 August 2012

Trinket box - and stuff!

I have achieved quite a lot since my last post - but the projects have had to be done in stages and left overnight, or 48 hours in some cases.
The above is a little bird made out of polymer clay, which I painted with iron Verday paint from Happy Daze  .  I left it to dry and painted it again with patina and left it for 48 hours.  I am amazing myself at my patience waiting 48 hours - but I am being very good and it's really worthwhile following the instructions to the letter!

It's a lousy photo of it - sorry for that - it's dreaful weather here - thunder and lightening.  The head, back and wings look like iron after I had given them a good rub - they come up a lovely metal iron grey.  I left the chest and underbelly rusty - I rather like the effect.  

Another thing that's been a long time in the making is this little wooden box - which I think I bought from Happy Daze a very long time ago in a set - but I can't remember.

I just love the crackle glaze projects and boxes that Ginger creates - if you click on her name it will take you to her blog and a fantastic box she has made for the Stampotique Design Team of which she is now a member.

I looked up on the internet instructions on how to  create the crackle effect using PVA glue and acrylic paint.  I followed it to the letter - but it didn't work for me - I got sludge which didn't dry after two days.  So I scraped it off, dried the remnants, sandpapered it, and did something completely different.

I made a textured paste covered box, painted it with two coats of acylic. Then I rubbed some rub and buff gold over it all to emphasise it, painted and rub and buffed some beads and stuck those on for feet - and left it all alone for another 24 hours.

 Painted the insides with matt black and stamped on some swirls, and added a lock.
I then set to, to decorate the lid.  I made some little roses out of translucent polymer clay.

I made some translucent 'sausages' and plaited them to make a bag handle and to decorate the bottom.  I also cut out a slab of polymer clay and decorated that.

Now here is where I need your imput.  Would the plaiting look better with a light touch of rub and buff gold - or is that overdoing it!  Also - do you think I should add some gold fleckle to the lid  to 'tie in' with the fleckle on the gold slab - or does it look ok as it is? 

++ edited to say that I have now smooshed a light coating of gold rub and buff one the plaited clay)

Whilst I was waiting for paint to dry, I just sat and daydreamed out of my studio's side window.

The sun came out and made the hollyhocks glow with colour - these are over six feet tall,
Five minutes later the rain came!