Thursday 29 July 2010

We will, we will, shock you!

 I signed up for another online journal course a couple of nights ago - one that is based in the US and is just the sort of journalling that I wanted to try but the course in the UK sold out the day the lists came out.  I will still continue with my other story journal and make more of those - but I just fancied something completely different - and I have made a start!  This one is more of a collaging way of making a journal and with your own thoughts inside it.

There are two journal styles on this course so you really get your money's worth!
First you make the book cover, then you make the pages.

I haven't fully finished the front cover yet

I am not adding the embellishments until I have finished the inside pages.
Once you get your head around the idea of just being 'free' then it gets easier!
Be prepared to be shocked - I am!

The inside cover and some stamped fabric. 
I am going for red hot colours - something completely different for me!
This first journal is the 'Book of Intentions'.
I think it is designed to get you in the right mindset.

It is a in zig-zag style.  I think I 'broke the rules' by sloshing the pages with ink - but I just couldn't help myself.  It is supposed to be a collage working to a template - but I kinda missed the plot!  I don't have any magazines - threw them all out - and yes you' ve guessed - now I need them!

So - I have gone from being all neat and tidy and muted in my first journal to being loud and outlandish in this one.  These above are the first two pages.
I still have to fill the gaps in this page with my intentions.

The next page I attempt I will stick to one one of the designs - rather than just messing about as I went along.  The idea is to collage the pages then write in them.  We have been given lots of prompts to get our brains working!