Wednesday 24 September 2008


Listen Little One!

On Hallowe'en, Goblins have been known to to fly away with fair Maidens.
Therefore tis best to have some one hold you - and tightly too - because Goblins are strong!

This is my first 'go' at a Halloween piece. I didn't have any stamps for the subject - so looked through my trusty vintage CD's and found this.

As usual neither the photo nor the scan does it 'justice' it looks better in real life.

I made a 6" 'tall' house and coloured it with layers of ink from the centre going outwards as though a glow from 'fire and brimstone'.

The peak of the house and the bottom are embossed with black/silver sparkling coal dust.

The actual image has had my usual re-painting with water colours, and lots of inks in different fiery shades to emulate the backing card shades. And the pumpkin looks like an erupting volcano!

Once I had inked in the yellow of the moon - it revealed bats flying around which did not show up before - and now that the goblin is painted it has really brought him to life - especially his evil eyes.

I have used a 24ct gold Krylon pen to high light parts and border the young couple.

Saturday 20 September 2008

Bind it All - Tag Book

I decided to spend a little bit of time making something for ME today.

I am accumulating some lovely works of art and although I find ATCs easy to store - I have a folder for them - some of the other swaps I have received have been on my 'Inspiration' Boards in my studio

Some were stored in a shoe box which I get out and look through, but after all the work that has gone into them, they deserved better than that, so I am going to make albums for all of them.

I have put a sheet of acrylic in front of the first page.

This is the first of many to come. It has my collection of tags in it. I need to make another one to accommodate the bigger tags too - for the ones I have and those which might come in the future.

I have purposely mounted them on totally plain card pages - to accentuate the tags.

They are all so beautiful - aren't they?

All different styles.

Because I made the book using a Bind It All machine, means that if the tags have embellishments on them, I can still put them in a book without any problems.

Almost all of them have wonderful embellishments, and ribbons.

The one above has a tag inside an envelope.

And this one, by the same artist is made up of several layers on a brown envelope, and threaded either side.

These two little ones have lovely fibres as well as stamping

I wish you could see them all in real life - they are all unique and just beautiful - each artist has her own style.
I have put the artists names on the back of each page.

I have more blank pages in this book to fill - for future tag swaps.

My next book project is to make a book for my 'Gothic Arches', another for the 'House Swaps' and in fact I think I will make books for any future swaps.

Friday 19 September 2008

Wish granting Wednesday

I just love Beck's Blog it's great - take a look for yourself - and not just on Wednesdays!

Thursday 18 September 2008

My First Smile

Today I made my first 'smile'

On a forum I have joined, we were invited to make one for a member who is unwell at the moment - and I was delighted to have a go.

After downloading the template, and deciding on the backing paper - I set about 'altering' it.

I used watercolour pencils, paints, and inks, using lots of colours to enhance it.

I used lemon, lime, yellows, blues, black, brown, and greens. I love texture - so I used lots of clear embossing powder and also used gold embossing powders to highlight areas, and the darker 'spots' are 'sprinkles' of gold - and looks much better and lighter in 'real life'

I added a ribbon hanger.

The reverse is really bright and cheerful - lots red, yellow, orange, green, pink bright fushia - I just inked and painted all over a pale backing paper

I wrote in green - 'It's memories that make you smile' - and then dabbed over green ink. Drew over

I added extra swirls, and dots and then embossed with lots of clear embossing - having drawn with a glue pen - hearts and smiles which you can see in 'real life' if you tilt it or have it under a light. This was taken before I punched the hole and added the ribbon hanging loop

Sunday 7 September 2008

Playing with acohol inks

I was marooned in my studio whilst a storm was raging - so I had a play with some alcohol inks and acetate.

Not sure if I will enter it for a forum swap - I need to do 'something' with it - like mount it on something other than the black backing card.

Using the butterfly stamp which I got from MADJAK designs (the one I used for this also which I sent to Australia be put on the site - but it has not been updated with it yet). I digress - oops


I stamped the image on acetate and allowed it to dry - then I painted the colours on the reverse - and squished a little pink around the butterfly.

Using a backing paper the same size as the acetate, I began by colouring it with pastels to blend and match the colours on the butterfly.

The acetate I mounted on top of the paper and then onto black backing card.

The picture was 'scanned' in. In daylight the backing paper colours are softer and more muted and the butterfly is brighter.

- As I mentioned - it was just an experiment - so I am not sure what I will do with it next!

Saturday 6 September 2008


Glamorous green, metallic paint, and pastels.

Memories of Bordeaux

Another ATC for a swap.

Thinking of the theme - I came across an old Bordeaux free map, and daydreamed of a romantic summer years ago - so I had to include it in a travel swap.

The collaged little vintage poster I enhanced with water colours.

Hmm, sunshine, driving along country lanes, picnic in the middle of a field of corn and poppies, shaded by a tree. Oh and dark french Chocolat - perfect!

ATCs Racey Red

Stamped and painted with acrylic paints and water colours.

Thursday 4 September 2008

Trying something new

I haven't done any crafty work for a little while - been too busy up my allotment and harvesting - but now hat we have stormy weather I have been trying out something new.

This is my first attempt at a photo album which I will compile then put together.
The front cover is above. It is lighter and brighter than the photo shows.

With close ups of colouring, embossing, and antique gold rub and buff

The photography lets it down somewhat.

Here is the back cover

And a corner of the back cover.

Its thick card and looks better in real life.