Saturday 14 March 2009

Another piece of work inspired by Jo.

As I had a bit of ink still in my misters, I decided to use it up on a couple of pieces of mount board.

I think these turned out better than yesterday's attempt. I gave them two coats of spray. One with the raffia on and one without - so they have more depth.

I think they look nice just as they are - and I wish I had left them that way, because I messed one up. The best one too! But that is all part of learning a technique and what works and what doesn't. And these are on free bits of mount board so cost nothing to make.

The colours on this side do look better in real life - as you can tell by the above close ups. I stamped this one first with a Morning Glory stamp as the colours reminded me of them.

I decided that this would be the back cover, as I thought the stamping needed to be darker - so using a different stamp, I inked it up and stamped in black - as per yesterday's little coaster book.

What a mistake that was! It was way too much of a contrast with the soft colours of lime and blue. I was so cross with myself.

But I reminded myself that I am using these notebooks to try out these techniques so it didn't matter. These chunky books are made using photocopy paper that was given to me by one of my sons, and is not really suitable for stamping on.

I did 'rescue' the other piece by covering it with a piece of coloured card, spraying what was left of the blue and green - you can see a shimmer of it in daylight close up but not in the photo.

I played safe and stamped tone on tone with blue.

In hindsight, I think that the first cover looks too fussy with the lettering background - which should have been a paler colour, and the morning glory stamped image should have been in a darker shade of blue - had I had one.

I think the reason that the black stamped image worked fine yesterday, was because it was on a smaller area - but on an area twice as long, with the stamp being twice as long too - it was just looked too harsh against the soft colours.

The chunky notebook has turned out well overall, and the recipient can choose which side they like the best as the pages are plain inside.

The pages are 8cm x 17cm which just happens to be the size the A4 paper cuts up nicely in the Dreamkutz machine. The mount board is 1cm larger all round.