Friday 3 August 2007

My Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Finally Framed

I have been so busy working outdoors see here that I have had a bit of an arty crafty famine lately.

But I have taken time out to mount and frame my puzzle pieces.

These were pieces of a child's puzzle from a charity shop - kindly donated by Mike Hamilton - which myself and five other friends altered - with an Oriental theme.

This was my first attempt at doing a puzzle piece and once I got stuck in I loved doing it.

My thanks go to the following artists:

Top Left Mike Top Middle Angela Right Top Kate
Bottom Left Me Bottom Middle Sheila Bottom Right Louise - Zuzu

It will be displayed on my hall wall (Which is cream so a better background) to be admired by everyone who visits. I just need to go to town to get some longer cord. In the meantime it is hanging at the foot of my bed on the wall.

Words can not describe how privileged I feel to have five original works of art.

Rest assured it will truly be treasured!


Still working on those dominoes!