Sunday 26 August 2012

Bedroom door plaque

I had my darling little grandson visit for the weekend with his dad and mum.
Apart from all the cooking he did - and lots of other fun stuff - we spent a couple of hours in the studio playing.

The plaque to his bedroom door is broken he told me  it only says L  E.  It came from a shop.
So I asked if he'd like to make his own one.

We used a piece of mountboard - about 8 inches by 6 inches.

He just loves metallic paints - so he painted the board bright gold!
And he wanted specific dinasaur pictures to paint so we searched the internet for colouring in pictures and he chose these.  

He was very particular which colours he wanted to paint them too (after I had explained that if he painted them gold, silver and bronze you wouldn't see the detail underneath)

I won't pretend that he cut them out - because he didn't - he's only six years old!  So I cut them out for him - and together we stuck them on.

He likes to play with polymer clay and he wanted to make his name with it - so he chose the colours himself, conditioned the clay in the pasta machine, then rolled sausages to make letters.

He squashed them with his hand to make the backs flat, and hey presto, when they were baked and cooled we stuck them on!

His daddy is going to fit it to his bedroom door!

....And there was me, thinking that it would be a 15 minute playtime painting a door hanger from my stash. I think that this is far nicer.

I can't resist telling you something funny that he came out with yesterday - I love the things children say.

Grandad was rubbing his leg, and L said,

 'Why are you rubbing your leg grandad?'

'Because it itches'

'Why does it itch'

'Because I have a gnat bite'

'What's a gnat?'

'The are little insects that bite you'

'Do you mean bed bugs?'

'No!!!! You don't get bed bugs these days'

'Why do bugs bite you then?'
'Because they like people with rich blood'

' I'm rich grandad, I've £80 in my savings account'

(Grandad took him out to he compost bin and took off the lid and showed him the fruit flies to explain the sort of flies he meant.  We didn't fancy him telling his mum and dad that grandad had been bitten by bed bugs!)