Thursday 20 May 2010

New Stamps - Jo Capper Sandon's

I haven't been able to do any crafting - but today I did get more inspiration from the famous JCP

Firstly I received more of the stamps I ordered from Happy Daze (big link on the right hand side bar)
I am not 'just saying it' - but truly, the service from Moira is absolutely amazing.  I think that when you have your own company, and enjoy crafting too, you  have an understanding  and go 'that extra mile' to ensure that orders etc go out asap - especially when they come from overseas.  Thank you Moira.

So here's what arrived today.

I even cleared out a draw for them all to have their own space!
(I have room for a few more Jo if you get the creating rubber urge again)
It is going to be such a joy to create work having the right stamps for a change.  I know it shouldn't matter, but it gives me more confidence if I can start by having inspiration with the same stamps first, then once I get the hang of using them  -  I can create something in my 'own' style

Talking of which, I have been studying Jo's blog and have had a go at trying to take a better photo of my work.  Here is my first attempt.

I think it is an improvement on the previous photo of this tag

The idea was good - but didn't quite work - the proportions were all wrong.  I wanted to make the wooden shroom look like a shadow of the tag shroom.

If anyone has sent me something by Recorded Delivery - the postman came today - but stupid, stupid man stuck a card through the door, so I won't get it until Saturday now.

My lovely post lady Karen is on holiday this week, and she knows that I can't always hear the doorbell even though it is one of those you can plug in any room.  If she was delivering it, and I didn't go to the door, she would have seen all the windows wide open, noticed the car and trailer on my drive with work tools in and put two and two together thinking 'Ah Lottie is in, but out of ear shot of her bell.  There are obviously work men in the garden, so I'll shout or bang on the gate'.   Logical for us women isn't it....but NOT for a postman - who shoved all the other mail through the letterbox, stood and filled out the flipping card, and put that through too.  It would have been so much quicker to bang on the gate - he would have heard the men talking.

Ah well - I'll have something to look forward to  on Saturday now won't I.

Not been able to craft - won't bore you with the details, but Saturday or Sunday I hope to get going again.

Hmmmm    I wonder whose stamps I will use?

Oh I must just say this - I noticed that all JCP's stamps have her name on them - how cool is that huh?  Wouldn't you just love to have a stamp with your same on it - going all over the world, being bought by all sorts of people?     I know I would  - off to dream of world fame!