Saturday 1 May 2010

Same - but different

I made another flower arrangement yesterday - the same basic style but in a modern fashion - two extremes!

The previous one was in a traditional style and this one arranged in 'modern' style.  I found this one really hard to make.  I used Aspidistra leaves - four of them, and had to manipulate them to cover two blocks of floral foam, by curling them and weaving them - and that ended up looking like a sculpture before I added the flowers and texture foliage.

The tulips I wove in and out of the swirled leaves and pinned them in curves - and yesterday they were all flat.  Then this morning when I got up, they had decided that they wanted to look at the sunshine!
So gradually turned their little heads right the way up!

I guess they liked looking at themselves in the mirror.  It's quite a nice effect as I only used one bunch of ten tulips, but the reflection makes it look as though there are double the amount.
Here is the traditional arrangement.
Totally different.
Nothing gets wasted - I even made a simple vase arrangement out of the scrappy left overs - the stalks I took out of the leaves in the modern arrangement, the left over flowers and some Eucalyptus from the garden.  I have even pinched out some little 'stalks' and hope to grow them on as cuttings.

All this for £18.50 - plus £5 for my share of the cost of the village hall I went to - a bargain I reckon!