Monday 2 July 2012

Polymerclay Playtime

 We had heavy rain today - so I was forced to stay indoors, so I decided that it was about time I got back into crafting.  So what better way to start than going back to one's childhood and just messing about - not with plasticine, but with something very similar - Polymer Clay.
All these pieces are straight out of the oven - so are in their 'naked' state. They'll need to be sandpapered several times to start with.  The above beads are tiny lentil beads, and will look so much better when polished.
 As I am a beginner, this is all experimental to me - so lots of learning curves.
 I'm messing about with textures at the moment.........
 and these are all destined to be painted, or coloured, or inked, or maybe gilded - all experimental
 Every piece is unique, it's impossible for me to make two the same.
Sadly I have managed to break the tail off one of these fish - I rubbed too hard with the sandpaper - so gave up doing anything more to any of these pieces until tonight as I am tired.
 Those with holes will be for pendants or bracelets, or key rings.
 I was quite pleased with how these bigger white fish turned out,
in real life they look ivory coloured - but I want to make them look vintage - Chinese perhaps?
So, I'll be doing some research to see if I can find out how to do that.

I am showing you these in their 'raw' state - just to prove that you can't really make something and bake it and expect it to look perfect - like all clay-like projects, there is quite a bit of work involved to make them look better.  And I have no idea how many of these will survive my clumsy attempts!

Oh, I nearly forgot - I have being messing around trying to make buttons and discs.  More texture - these will be practice peices as far as colouring goes.  The backs are textured too.


I'm back thanks to the 'little pleasures' in my life......

My son and daughter in law and little grandson came at the weekend.  
We went out for a nice Sunday lunch - then it was play time.
It took me/us so long to get this simple looking structure to stay in place - about half an hour!  It all just balances on each piece!   When it was finished, little one had fun rolling the marbles down it - for all of ten mintues - then kept knocking it over - much more fun.
Horrible 'posing' photos - he's at that age, and was getting bored!
This sort is far much better - catching him unawares.
After we (he) had reached the boredom threshold, it was time to change tact.
The oldies were dozing off their Sunday lunch, and I was in charge of entertainment - so something calming was called for.
Polymer clay - a few bright colours and a rolling in, and a little one's imagination.
I never got time to photograph the finished pieces - I'll have to email his mum to ask her to do so for me.  But this turned out to be a lion's head - and he also made a little mouse - all baked and taken home.

A couple of weekends ago, my husband's eldest  son came with his three children which we haven't seen for a while - and we took them all out for lunch too.  They are 18, 15, and 11.

The two oldest were absorbed in their Ipads and state of the art phones, but the youngest was really keen to make something - as we all used to do. 

So off we went to the studio again for her to have a play.  We all used to spend hours out there when they were younger - giving the 'oldies' some peace and quiet to chat.

I hadn't started playing with jewellery when she was last here - so asked if she would like to learn how to do something - which she did.

I gave her free reign of my beads etc and she made this little bracelet.  
Using my three only glass star beads that change colour  and are so beautiful, she decided to make a bracelet and luckily I had a selection of beads to compliment the stars.  The only thing she didn't do were the metal clasps - even I found that difficult.
It looks absolutely beautiful in 'real life' and natural light.
She also wanted to make a card - for her mother - so spent a happy hour going through all the stamps and craft supplies and she chose the stamps she wanted, and made a lovely card - alas I didn't get time to take a photo of that.

We haven't heard from them since - but I assume that her mum liked the card she made and I hope that 'K' treasures her bracelet.

Having played with my grandson and watching the fun he had with polymer clay,  gave me the enthusiam to take time to play myself.  I'm getting to feel like my 'normal' self again too - and have signed up for a couple of 'swaps' which I know that I can do in the allotted time - so I am off to play with clay for myself in the garden studio - I hope to be some time!