Thursday 18 February 2010

Altered Box

You know how it is - you are in the middle of cooking lunch and you get a flash of inspiration!
Well you would, wouldn't you when you see an empty OXO box?

So you find and download of images from Crafty Computer Paper
and enhance the colours with chalks

They are so sweet

You paint the oxo box with blue pearlescent paint, and stamp it with a lace stamp - all over.
Glue it all back together, and add a picture for the front

Another for the back - and then fill it up with whatever takes your fancy!

Vintage Notebook

I had fun making these two notebooks and they didn't take long to make - which makes quite a change for me!

This was made from a little notepad available from most supermarkets.
I removed the front cover which I used as a template, and made this.

Printed card cut to size, using co-ordinating colours to enhance the image which came frm Crafty Computer Paper.

I enhanced/coloured the image with chalks to bring the colours out.
Added some vintage lace top and bottom

Simple vintage note book

The are little note books with lined pages which you can buy at any supermarket at little cost.

I took off the front over and replaced it with one of my own making
This is the back - it covers the plain cardboard

And here is the front. 
I want to build up a collection of these so that I have some little
gifts to hand - probably instead of cards!
Image from Crafty Computer Paper