Thursday 3 June 2010

Floral Art

On Wednesday I spent two hours in the afternoon doing a bit of floral art. 
Topiary - which I haven't tried before.

Above is the arrangement my tutor made.  I just love the colours - yellow and blue - so I bought it off her for my home. 

And here is my effort below

I tried taking a photo in the garden, but the sun was too bright.

We live in such a tiny bungalow that it is hard to get a decent photo!

To make it you just need a pot of any description and sticks/pole for a 'trunk', which you cement into the container.

Wrap some rubber bands around the top of the 'trunk' and after soaking a piece of floral foam (either a ball or a piece which you cut from a block), push it onto the trunk to sit on the rubber bands, and away you go!  I put foliage in first then filled it out with flowers.

It was a bit of a 'knack' to get it ball shaped, and of course I had to 'alter it' with a bit of hessian - but I really enjoyed the couple of hours and it's great to have flowers in the house and it only cost me £15 all together including the cost of the lesson!

Once these flowers die, I will just put another piece of foam on top and make another!

It'll look great as a Christmas arrangement for my porch - just imagine a topiary tree of holly and ivy and conifer or box hedge with oranges and nuts etc in it.

July we are making an arrangement with a breeze block - the mind boggles!