Monday 14 January 2008

A challenge from ATC Linda B

Well Linda - of ATC Linda fame set a challenge to make something black and white with texture - and here are mine.

Both were made the same way - a black and white picture I printed out and then painted over with watercolour and acrylic paints in some areas to highlight things and to give texture to the painting - with the intention of making them look like old oil paintings.

The borders were made by painting with acrylics and then when almost dry bubbling it up with a heat gun.

I used silver paint and made it look like pewter by painting on black water colour.

As well as painting over this picture I distressed it by painting on a lacquer and then heating it with a heat gun to make it bubble and melt and flow.

They look so much better in 'real life' than these scans portray. The frameworks really look like metal and they are both really tactile.

As you can probably guess I am very into touchy-feely things!