Tuesday 6 October 2009

Thank you.........

For all your kind words of support after losing my Allotment Lady website - and so many years of daily posts, recipes, sightseeing, chickens, home, garden, family, self sufficiency, allotment growing - and so much more.

I am absolutely gutted - and did not realise that Webmania did not have a back up - and have never received any emails to tell me that or advice about backing up.

I am not a young computer savvy person - or even an old computer savvy person - so am feeling so upset.

The enormity of it didn't hit me at first, but it did yesterday and I spent most of the day in tears - what good is that huh? - what a wimp - all it achieves is a headache and red nose! LOL

I might start to incorporate some of my 'other' life into this blog as time goes by. If you don't mind.

It is ironic that I went to the expense of getting the domain and website and someone to put the blog on my website - so that I would have it forever - and my children and grandchildren would have it to look at when I am gone (so long as they kept up the yearly subscription).

When I started it, Blogger was in its infancy, and there were quite a lot of teething troubles - so at the time it seemed like a good idea.

What was that famous quote about 'Hindsight' LOL!