Sunday 2 November 2008

Domino Tiles - work in progress.

I have had these wooden domino type tiles for a while now - so thought it was about time I did something with them.

I thought it would be quite simple to alcohol ink them and then stamp them - which I did with a few.


I found that the alcohol ink sunk into the wood and looked rather pale, and the pigment ink I used for stamping refused to dry - then overnight it had almost dried - and after another night it also seemed to have sunk into the wood leaving a blurred looking print.

BUT I have ordered lots more and have lots of ideas - so I will master the inking and stamping and other techniques on them I am sure - watch this space.

Or is it the case of a bad workman blaming the tools.

Starting afresh with more tiles, I tried painting the surface with silver acrylic paint - which showed up the grain which I thought was quite nice.

I added an image then gave it a coat of shellac and left it to dry overnight.

The next day I added metal leafing - which was a rather sticky job. This metal is not showing up too good in the photo. I gave it another coat of shellac and left it overnight.

Today I did the reverse side. More shellac and then the leaf of metal. Then brushed over with a soft brush.

In natural light the leaf metal I have used both sides is the colour of pewter but with a rainbow of shades that changes in the light. A bit like when you look into a puddle and it has some oil on it and you see those rainbow reflections.

Once brushed it removes pieces at random - revealing the dark silver beneath. My aim was to give it an aged look. I threaded wire through it - and transparent bead which marries with the reflective colours of the metal leaf work.

I was trying to give it a distresed look - of finding a relic from a bygone era.

I have given it another coat of shellac each side and it now hangs - yet again for another 24 hours with others below.

Works in progress.........................

They could be pendants, bag charms, key rings, mobile phone charms. The one featured here might have the recipient's initial on the back - lots of possibilities - for my work in progress.