Friday 24 August 2012

I made myself a handbag this morning.........

I had a fabulous time making myself a handbag this morning.
My back is killing me from standing up so long working on it - and it's baking hot here today too!
It was an experiment - so it's not perfect!

And it was a bit complicated - I was a little rushed for time  - just over two hours.  
I have now bent the lime green wire on the handles so that it matches both sides, since the photo was taken and evened up the poppy seed heads too.

With the foliage and lavender from the garden, and a bunch of roses from the supermarket
It's not bad is it?

I think I like this side best and it was the easier of the two sides to make - just noticed that I didn't have time to put silver pins in the right hand side - I'll do that immediately.

So what did I used to make it?

Two blocks of oasis foam glued together with a heated glue gun
Aspidistera leaves
Eleagnus leaves - reversed
Foliage from the garden
Lavender from the garden
Crocosmia leaves plaited for the handles
A £2 bunch of roses from the supermarket
A packet of pins

Must dash - family arriving any minute