Friday 4 December 2009

Old Age Pensioner - It is official

Sorry that I have not been doing the rounds of all your blogs today - I have been a bit pre-occupied with my 60th birthday today.

I am having the best birthday of my entire life.  I have had 10 cards from internet friends!

When my son phoned and I told him how many cards I have received (an all time record for me) even he said "Wow mum - cool" :biggrin:

We spent the day in Norwich city, and had lunch in the Assembly Rooms - a most gorgeous historical house

I had a five course sumptuous Christmas meal (won't dare weigh myself tomorrow) finishing with Baileys coffee and real homemade melt in the mouth mince pie. I had to pinch myself that today is really real.

Dearest Pat presented me with a bottle of Chanel perfume (which will last all year) and Father Christmas and the Birthday pixie are apparently going to buy me a lap top!  I am not sure if Father Christmas will find a bargain by the time he comes down our chimney - but if not then in the New Year apparently.

I am on such a high - you'd have to see it to believe it - not like me at all!

I am treasuring every single moment of today - and am so happy to be 60 its the best time of my life!

Once again - huge thanks for the cards and presents - I am so chuffed - I almost feel like I am part of a big family - you have all contributed to make my day so very special and one which I shall never forget.

God bless you

Have a lovely weekend - and now I really must  go to bed