Friday 20 March 2009

Inspired by Jo Capper-Sandon

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I just didn't know what to do this afternoon, craft wise, so turned once again to this month's Craft Stamper magazine and had another go at Jo's masking technique.

I wrapped raffia around a piece of mount board and using a mister with ink, water, and copper Cosmic powder in it, I sprayed the board.

Let it dry and then I sprayed again.

I just can't capture the gorgeous copper shimmer. The first photo I took outdoors and the one above I took indoors with a flash light.

This is another one I did - same stamp - but a slightly darker ink - you can see the copper splashes better on this one I think.

I might turn these into a notebook.

I am entering this into the Lots to do challenge the theme of which is 'masking'

Vintage BIA Book

I haven't been up to crafting for a few days - so forced myself to go out into the studio just to relax and play.

And this is the result.

I cut up some mount board - but it was slightly not quite right, so I cut up some more, rather larger pieces.

Then cut up lots of A4 sheets of paper to size - its a nice big very chunky book.

I distressed and inked the edges to tone in with the image.

The image has a nice and tranquil look about it I thought - and quite Spring like - the sun has been out this morning.

It took more than an hour - so technically its not elegible for the One Powerful Hour challenge - but one of the hours was pretty 'powerful' whilst making it! The rest of the time was rather boring doing all the cutting out and clearing up!