Friday 4 March 2011

Happiness is..................................

Feeling well enough to slap on the sun cream, big floppy hat, and go out into the spring sunshine
To have the energy to clean out the chicken run, albeit slowly with lots of resting and looking, and watching Bluebell and Zola rush in and roll about in the fresh Hemcore squeaking with delight

To see Dolly, and Willow, Henrietta, Freckles, Snowy, Poppy, Mary, Gozzie, charge in and follow suit

To sit in wonder that Old Daisy has survived another winter, and is relishing the spring just as much as me.  She really is very old, and we never expect her to last another year - but she does bless her

Happiness is seeing new life bursting forth through a bare ground

Turning a corner and discovering scented wonders

And bouquets of Bergenia

Oh how I have missed all this.

And happiness is visiting treasured friends blogs again, and seeing that 'they too' are enjoying a breath of spring and chickens - just like me.
Jo's given me some inspiration to get crafting again.
Thank's Jo - I loved your post - it really perked me up and I hope to have a go at your 'make' next week.

Lovely to be back - hope to be 'visiting' you all again soon