Friday 14 May 2010

It's a giant schroom

I just couldn't wait to use my new stamps from Jo's Stampotique collection - which I bought from Moira's Happy Daze.    They didn't arrive until this afternoon - and I really should not have spent any time in my studio - but I just HAD  too.

On Jo's blog she has used this large schroom stamp - and it looks absolutely delightful on her project  - go and have a look.

I was on 'borrowed' time when I made this tag - I should have been making our tea.

I couldn't reproduce her fantastic double tag card - but I could just play to get the feel of the stamp.
I used a tag with K&Co paper on top.  As usual  it looks much better in real life.
I also used the free stamp from this months Craft Stamper magazine, and the mini bee from Jo's collection.

(I only made the one tag - but cos the light was so bad, I tried taking a photo on two different backgrounds.)

I will spend more time next week playing with them - I just need to get an ink pad or two.  The stamps are lovely to use as they are mounted on lovely thick and rounded wood.  They stamp really clearly too.  Most of my stamps are unmounted, and I do struggle at times to get a clear stamped image - usually resorting to standing on them (on the floor, I'm too old to do that on my craft table - in case some of you have over active imaginations!)  But these stamps are a joy to use - and I will definitely be getting some more of them.

Even Silence Speaks

My Jo Capper - Sandon designed stamps from Happy Daze arrived this afternoon!  They are the very first Stampotique stamps I have bought - and I am so thrilled that I did.

I would love to have bought the whole set - well who wouldn't huh?  But the ones I don't have will have to wait for a month or two.

I bought the quote as it is very special to me, as I am sure it will be for  many others.  It speaks volumes and can be used for many occasions.
So is Jo's other quote - that's on my 'wish list'

Please don't compare this with Jo's - there is no comparison (I can only dream!)

The colours are more vibrant in real life.  I painted with inks directly onto the card,  which gives the effect of layers of grass, rather than a solid block of greens.  The sky was done the same way.   I forgot to do the sun - doh - never mind, I am sure that I will be using these stamps a lot.

I would love to have made mine as professional looking as Jo's - with layers of card matting etc - but I am no way near that standard, nor have the selection of stash to do it justice.

For now, I am just so happy to be the beautiful young girl, daydreaming in a meadow, surrounded by daisies, with a beautiful honey bee collecting pollen.

Thank you Jo for the inspriration you have given me with these stamps - even if I did 'copy' in part your layout!

And thank you to Moira of Happy Daze for sending out the stamps, carefully packaged.

More creations will follow next week.  We have family staying this weekend.