Thursday 23 August 2007

Architecture Swap - ATCs received in exchange

Thankyou so much to Kay who made the one on the left and to Shary who made the one on the right - I am thrilled to add them to my collection.

A Copper Egg

I tried out a new technique today - and this is the result - an ATC size but cut into an egg shape - 'right up my street' with a chicken theme so perhaps that is why I had fun doing it!

Again it doesn't photograph well. But with the naked eye it looks like a piece of thick beaten copper.

I stamped it with a couple of the new stamps I bought from the USA and heat treated the paper with a heat gun to get the dull effect.

Along part of the edges (bottom up to right top) I melted plastic film so it actually looks like an amber coloured solder or melted toffee texture and one big mass rather than the individual bits you can see.

In different lights it looks all different colours - I am going to try and make another to keep for myself.

Shape of things to come

I have had a bit of a famine arty crafty wise - due to lots of commitments - both family, friends, chickens, and allotment - but as rain forced me indoors for a couple of days I managed to make these for an ATCards swap entitled 'Shape of things to come'.

The idea is that you take an ATC sized card and change its shape - so long as it is within the ATC size of 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

This triangular one was made by painting a sheet of paper different shades of green - limes mainly.

When dry I mounted it on thick card, cut out the triangle and stamped on the face.

Next I textured it with glue and then clear embossing powder heated with a heat gun. The top of the triangle I used distressed style yellow embossing powder, then a fine dusting of UTEE.

With the naked eye it looks and feels like leather, with smooth and rough surfaces. To finish off I ran an ink pad along all the edges.

Thursday 16 August 2007

Indigo Swap - Zuzu's Forum - Received

Aren't they fabulous

Top Left - Zuzu's Top Right - Kath's
Bottom - Seona's

I am thrilled to bits.

I am awaiting some new stamps from the USA don't know how long I will have to wait for them.

I hope they arrive soon and I am itching to experiment with them.

I have also bought a small hobby drill - with lots of attachments - about the size of and electric tooth brush - as recommended by Ginger on Zuzu's forum.

Hopefully I will now be able to drill holes in the decorated dominoes I make - and turn them into useful objects.

Blue and white swap for ATCards

The remit for this swap was blue and white - any combination of blues and any mediums.

This has been heavily embossed which does not seem to show up in the scan

These are variations on the same theme but no two are the same. I don't usually do similar ones like these but was under pressure to get them out!

Some embossing on the lettering

These will all be going to different people - plus one extra for the hostess.

Thursday 9 August 2007

Lock and Key ATCs for Zuzu's Forum Swap

I have really struggled with this theme!

The 'lock' is obviously the keyhole - and the 'key' to freedom is the other side of the door - which you can see through the keyhole

Because I have used metallic paint on a very textured paper - the scan doesn't really show them up properly

The gold paint looks really shiny and rich looking - and positively glows in the light.

The borders are the same thickness which for some reason doesn't show up on the scanner!

Oh - there are some little marks on the glass scanner which look like they are on the ATCs but are not.

One more to go for the set

Friday 3 August 2007

My Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Finally Framed

I have been so busy working outdoors see here that I have had a bit of an arty crafty famine lately.

But I have taken time out to mount and frame my puzzle pieces.

These were pieces of a child's puzzle from a charity shop - kindly donated by Mike Hamilton - which myself and five other friends altered - with an Oriental theme.

This was my first attempt at doing a puzzle piece and once I got stuck in I loved doing it.

My thanks go to the following artists:

Top Left Mike Top Middle Angela Right Top Kate
Bottom Left Me Bottom Middle Sheila Bottom Right Louise - Zuzu

It will be displayed on my hall wall (Which is cream so a better background) to be admired by everyone who visits. I just need to go to town to get some longer cord. In the meantime it is hanging at the foot of my bed on the wall.

Words can not describe how privileged I feel to have five original works of art.

Rest assured it will truly be treasured!


Still working on those dominoes!