Wednesday 3 March 2010

Two more Oriental cards inspired by 'Jo Blogs'

I have thoroughly enjoyed making these cards - which really makes a change as I get a mental block when I have to make a card usually.

In the process of doing these, I have learned such a lot.

(Apologies for the photographic quality - the cards are straight, and the mounted stamped images - it's the way I took the photos that make them look rather odd.  They were standing on some wallpaper and I seem to have placed them wonky!)
The layout is Jo's but when the paper I ordered arrived, the sheets were not quite the same as Jo's so I adapted the cards a bit.  Which is good, as it is great practice.
As I didn't seem to have the section exactly the same that Jo used, I had to do something to make this look 'more' than just the background, so I did a lot of shading with ink and brown pastels.  As there wasn't a flower at the bottom left hand corner on my paper, I place an oriental coin.   I think I must be using smaller cards - or else the sheets are never quite the same.

Again - photographed wonky - the mounted image is exactly 'square' to the card because I used a Tim Holtz transparent ruler to line it all up.  It is also a deeper red with a graded colour contrast.
This card is more colourful in real life, more like Jo's - but again - my card must be smaller as I couldn't fit in the extra card mounting etc so adapted it and also coloured it a bit and added shading with pastels as it looked a little pale in places

That's it.

I spent the morning at college - rushed home, cooked lunch, put three raised beds up, and made these two cards.

Off indoors now - to put my feet up and study the magazine for another project.
Thank you for looking