Friday 30 January 2009

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Oriental Book Covers - Finished!

I spent the morning finishing off my book covers. I had already varnished them - and they felt like leather - and I could bend them back wards and forwards without them cracking. (I was actually trying to see of the varnish would crack to add to the aged look!

I very gingerly added red to the Japanese image - bit by bit as I had varnished the cover as I mentioned so it made it a bit difficult. But I think it looks better with the red. It is so hard to photograph because of the gold work I did.

The covers I mounted on thick card (recycled cardboard box) so its really thick and strong, and then I covered the insides with Basic Grey paper, then edged it and the sides in black to give it a nice finished edge - which is hard to see as they are photographed on black velvet.

It is meant to have that 'grungey' look - took me ages - to make it look old. The gold paint on both covers is lovely and golden - but I had to tone this down to stop the glare so it looks rather dull. This too has a wonderful varnished sheen with embossed TH red mask in the middle.

I was going to add an image but thought it might be a bit OTT but depending on what I decided to fill the book with - I might got for a Japanese proverb or a saying of leave it be.

I usually give all my 'stuff' away - and just have any photos of here to remind me - but as this has turned out well - and is so much better in real life - and I just love the textures - I might just keep it for myself - well for a while anyway.

Thank you for all your lovely comments they are so very much appreciated