Thursday 7 May 2009

Missing Luke

My little grandson is in Japan for a month - won't be back until 17th May. Not long now, but I do miss him so. Here is a link to him in Japan - you can see the resemblance!

When I saw this stamp, on Cornish Heritage Farms site it looked so much like him that I had to buy it.

He 'sits' like this a lot - and I often see him crouched down like this watching a snail or an ant - lost in a world of his own.

Oh - I had better tell you how I did it. Stamped on white card, painted with inks, matted on thick black card which I distressed quite a bit to roughen it up, as it looked too neat and tidy, and by distressing it I thought it added texture and was more 'boyish'

Then glued it onto a textured card blank which I had coloured with chalk, and edged.

I am going to send it to Japan tomorrow - so that his mummy can tell him I am thinking of him

Daft old bat aren't it!