Tuesday 25 September 2012

I just had to get organized......

My son gave me a call asking if I would like any filing cabinets for my studio.  I had to mull it over for all of 2 seconds and said, 'yes' to just two - so we had a 200 mile journey to go and collect them on Sunday.

My studio was getting packed and cluttered - it still is a bit as I have yet more sorting out to do.
This is just one end of it - about a third.  I have all the baskets to sort out yet.

But I have managed to free up a lot of drawer space - and tomorrow I am going to do the other end too!  The brolly is needed so that I don't get soaked on raining days dashing back indoors!

I have filled all the drawers up in the cabinets - wish I had asked for more!