Thursday 27 August 2009

Just a card - The Blue Lady

I was browsing through a CD I bought years ago of Victorian images, looking for something to inspire me - and came across this one. I have always loved this picture and decided I would try and make a card out of it.

(click to enlarge)

I inked and stamped a background first to mat it on.

I very very carefully, using a toothpick and glue, added some glitter to highlight her heavily embroidered gold layer of gown - around the neckline and hem. That took ages to do, but it 'real life' it really lifts it and gives it a rich texture, and accentuates and adds weight to her heavy gown.

It's only a simple card - but I just love the image. I might print her on to material.

My next foray into the 'arty crafty' world is to try and make a bag.........
it will take some time I am sure - so don't expect any posts about it real soon.

My project today is to process a carrier bag full of French beans - which I picked from my allotment - to freeze for the winter!

A bird does not sing............

Still using the deconstructed, soaked cardboard box paper. This time a tag using a stamp from the Serenity plate as before.

(click to enlarge)

I am still experimenting with fabrics and stamping etc. This time I have used a canvas type cotton, and cut out the area I wanted. I carefully cut out around the birds and butterflies. I wanted to accentuate the two tiny birds singing to each other - they are so tiny that I thought they got somewhat 'lost' in the over all design of the stamp, but by using the fabric the contrast between that and the cardboard accentuates them.