Friday 30 October 2009

Look what I found in grandma's attic!

A tatty old box!
As usual click on photo to enlarge

It looks a bit battered

And I think over the years the rain or damp might have got at it.

I rather like the violet posy painting on the back

It's a shame it's so dusty, I can't quite make out the signature can you?

I don't suppose it is in too bad a shape for something so old.
I think it looks Victorian

The gold leaf is peeling a bit here and there showing the dark wood.
Want to see what is inside - I know I did!

Looks like grandma's little treasures.

I wonder if that's a portrait of my granny - she is rather gorgeous so she could be!

Ah, bless her cotton socks - some of the contents of her button box

Captured in beeswax, rust and all!  A time capsule of a century ago.
A bit of junk to anyone else - but a treasure to me!

I expect you have guessed.  A bit of hyperbole going on here.  I didn't have a grandma - well biologically I must have had two!  So when I got the bits and bobs from Freecycle, which I posted about here I decided to 'borrow' someone else's grandma, and create a Shadow Box - which I bought from Happy Daze here   It's made from card, cheap, and easy to make into anything you like - in my case a 'dream' just for me.


It's amazing what you can do with white cardboard, some paints, vintage lace, seed beads, leaf sequines (thanks Pat),  broken bracelet junk,  bits and bobs, beeswax (first time I have used it),  metallic 'gold' leaf foil, Espresso ink pad, scratchy something to make wood grain in wax, a scanner and printer, and a crafty individuals little girl collaged image - ripped! - and lots of time and patience of course!

My book has arrived - yippee!

Here is something I treated myself to  - an early Christmas present.

Since discovering Pat's blog, I just had to have this book and teach myself crazy quilting.

It's not in the least bit crazy - neither is it like the traditional quilting - as in big bed quilts.  It is dainty and intricate, and perfect for small projects, in face most of the 'paper' craft I do can be done in crazy quilting instead of collaged or stamped - so too bags, purses, lots lots more!   So it's going to be my winter nights hobby when it is too cold and dark to come to the end of the garden and play in here -my studio shed.

I read the book from cover to cover and followed her wonderful journey.  It wasn't a bit as I had expected -which was a tutorial step by step book.  It was so much more - but I don't want to give too much away.  There are projects, supply lists and links - all the usual things  you would expect but also...................well you will need to get the book.

Inside I spotted to a book mark - which fluttered onto my lap as I turned the page.  But it wasn't a book mark but one of the above glorious butterflies, with a sample of Pat's hand dyed silk ribbon. which you can buy from her Art fire shop together with ready to go kits with colour co-ordinated vintage prints on cotton, and sequins etc - and you can pay in pounds!

Which is great for a beginner like me.
Check out the kits and lots of other goodies on here and there are more on her Etsy shop here

Having spent hours just organising my ribbons, I am well aware how long it takes Pat to punch out a colour co-ordinated butterfly, thread the ribbon, and prepare everything else in the kits.

My goodness they sell out fast!  Pat dyes the ribbons/trims, transfers the images, and sources the other little treasures in the kit to make it unique.

Thank you so much Pat - the book etc is worth every penny - dollar!   It will keep me very busy in the depths of winter.