Sunday 4 October 2009

Why do things go wrong all at once!

You get spells when 'things' go wrong all at once don't you - but I really have had enough of them now!

My little old laptop packed up - it had been slow for a long long time and finally expired. Well not such a tragedy, I can live without it.

My printer died - I can't manage without that - it was silly really - just a tiny bit of paper stuck in it - and that's it - total malfunction "Error - look in your manual for your nearest service engineer". It really meant it this time - so I had no alternative than to buy another printer. Just a little cheap one; it would have cost more than that to get someone in to look at it!

Installed it - it wouldn't print. It sounded like it was printing - it pretended it was printing - but the pages were all blank.

A trip back to the little shop - they ran a check - and it printed - so they said it must have been a glitch with the installation CD.

Back home - uninstalled the software - re-installed it - and it worked - yippee!

Then the steamer died. We use our steamer most days, but it had just had enough - stopped working - and wet all over the worktop. Did it have to do a wet as it was on it's way out?

Cooking with just two saucepans was quite a novelty for just a day (Hence the slow pot being used as well) We have a new steamer now - more of that tomorrow!

My internet is still very 'flakey' but we are working on it - I am going to order a more up to date network card - just waiting for my son to send me a link for the right one.

But another disaster happened overnight.

I am famous for being 'The Allotment Lady' or just plain 'Allotment Lady' and had my own website which I have had for a few of years - and had had almost 300,000 visitors in that time.

Webmania - the company which hosted my website had a problem - and lost my site - the whole lot - gone - not just mine - but lots - so the email said.

Hundreds of posts, photos, recipes, information, stories, the lot - gone - forever.

I would just like this run of things going wrong to stop now please.

Enough is enough - it's not funny any more!

I can't face starting another Allotment Lady blog - its like losing a part of me - a very big part of me - hey ho - tomorrow is another day.

Night night