Friday 20 July 2012

We're all going on a summer holiday challenge on Happy Daze

I am entering this little chick charm into the 'We're all going on a summer holiday'  challenge at Happy Daze  from where I bought the Verday paints and patina from (amongst other things.)
 The little chick is just about the size of a 20p coin
 He started his life as a dollop of white polymer clay
 And yesterday he got painted with Verday Iron metal paint (see previous posts) and a coating of Patina at 10.45pm last night.   He shouldn't have been touched for 48 hours but as he was impatient and wanted to be the first to leave the 'nest' of chicks and go off to enjoy his summer holiday, I decided to clean him up and give him a polish to make him look his best
 I have fallen in love with this tiny little chap, and am looking forward to seeing how his little brothers and sisters turn out - before they fly off at the end of the month, around the country for a summer charm swap

Charms after soaking overnight

Well what a difference a night makes - and what a variety of results!

I am really rather puzzled by the look of them so far!
The iron ones (black leaf, egyptian lady head, and bird head bottom row)  didn't look any different last night - but they are looking rusty now, and the egyptian snake headed lady is really now showing up.  The patina on the other metals is really showing up.   It's a bit scary.  There are 38 hours to go yet, and I haven't a clue what they will look like.  I really want all the raised textures to be shiny and recesses to be patina.   Yikes, I think I best make some more charms to be on the safe side or I'll run out of time!