Wednesday 17 September 2014

Humblebeads amazing Polymer Clay Cane Design Bootcamp

September 18 - October 9: Polymer Clay Cane Design Bootcamp
Take a four week online course with me to learn how to make a beautiful collection of dragonfly and iris cane beads along with lessons on designing your own canes and finding your voice in polymer clay. Don't miss it! Only 30 spaces are available.

This course is what 'dreams' are made of.

To get to learn the secrets and techniques from Heather Powers, of how to create these stunning and original beads from polymer clay is not to be missed.

I am off to order the polymer clay, drag out my box of tools and dust off my long neglected halogen oven for my first ever lesson.

I have been 'missing' for quite a while and badly neglected all things creative - so this is just the most amazing opportunity to focus my attention on something just for me.  Learn new skills, and made new 'cyber' friends from around the world at the online Boot Camp.

Hope to see some of you there soon.