Friday 15 August 2008

You're an Angel

I have a very dear 'forum' friend and was delighted to have her as a this month's Mystery Friend on Zuzu's forum

I have had a couple of angels for ages, and just waiting for the right opportunity to alter one.

And it finally arrived.

It is really hard to photograph shiny things.

Basically she was painted all over in Gesso, then in metallic colours. She was left to dry naturally between coats of paint - over night usually.

I added layers of fusible film, embossing, gold leaf, bronze leaf, - you name I used it. Red pearl paint for her heart - all of which where bubbled up many times with a heat gun to get really thick texture - including the heart.

The hair was given several shades of pale gold paint, and the face had a number of coats of paint until I got the right shade of angelic flesh that I wanted - and then painted on her face and heart shape mouth.

She is made of metal - even her wings - I added a loop of gold thread so that she could be hung up somewhere or it could just be removed to be as she is.

I decided not to add a halo!