Tuesday 11 May 2010

Butterflies - oh how I just love butterflies

When I went into the EACH charity shop last Wednesday as I usually do, I was looking around and the lady there said, 'Oh hello, you're the bag lady aren't you.'  It really made me smile.  She meant of course that I am the lady who decorates bags - rather than one who lives out of bags!

I have made two like this - not identical.  The image comes from a greetings card, painted by a lady in our Lipreading class - who paints stunning watercolours and has them printed onto cards.

Our tutor is retiring at the end of the summer term, and I suggested a bag as one of her presents - using Dawn's artwork.   I used a different method of image transfer - and it took a bit of getting used too.  The image didn't turn out as bright as I would have liked - so not true to her painting - so  I spent a couple of hours painting over it with acrylic paints and alcohol inks.

It positively glows now, and close up you can see, and feel the textures of the paints.

I will get everyone to sign the butterfly card and pop it in the bag

I hope that she will like it!