Saturday 27 April 2013

Hot and Happy

I spent a wonderful couple of hours in a little village hall yesterday afternoon
(Click to enlarge photos)
 Enjoying one of my favourite pastimes

 Arranging flowers, sticks and foliage

 The challenge was to use a square container (mine was a plastic mushroom one)
And the design had to look good all the sides and the corners - not as easy as it sounds!
 It is meant to be displayed on a tall pedestal to get the full effect, but my bungalow is too tiny, so I put the container in a square Oasis dish.
It really brightens up the lounge and I am very happy with the finished design.
Hot colours  -  Happy Lady

And the cost?
£3 for the roses
£3 for the Gerbera - from a supermarket
£1.50 for the painted twigs (from the tutor)
60p for a block of Oasis
£5 towards the hire of the hall.

The arrangement is just under a metre talll
and today the roses are opened and are lovely big blooms

What a bargain!

I used to go each month, but haven't been able to go since Autumn last year and have really missed it.
So it was great to catch up with everyone's news, and enjoy such wonderful company

Tuesday 23 April 2013

April's post card swap

Well over on UK Stampers Forum we are having another post card swap and this month the theme is Yellow and Circles.

Well the song by Donovan popped into my head and I just had to get it out.....
(They call me) Mellow Yellow

So after a week of having that ringing in my head, today I decided to something about it...

And painted The Beatles 1966 hit
We all live in a yellow submarine!

Now how am I going to get that song out of my head huh?

Off to read a scary book!

Friday 5 April 2013

My last 'exercise' for now.

This is my last - for now - in my series of exercises.

 She is my 'alter ego'
(If only)

Flash, brash, confident, cool, calculating even?

So not me!

Monday 1 April 2013

Another softer 'face' exercise

Deep in thought.

 Are those sad soulful eyes?

Is that a mean look to her lips?

Or just a wry expression - accepting the inevitable.

One more face tomorrow

Finishing on a fun note!