Monday 29 March 2010

Flower Arranging Friday

I did another flower arrangement on Friday - but it was hard to photograph as it was a dismal afternoon.

This is a modern take on a traditionl triangle style
It is another tall one - over 3ft 6in high
I cut the phormium from my garden
In fact all the foliage came from my garden, including the dried flowers
which had dried outside over winter

The flowers I used are Shamrock chrysanthemums
Gerbera, and pale green carnations

I enjoyed making this, and manipulating the foliage.

It smells divine and looks so much better in real life.
You can see all the different textures so much better.
It's in the hall now - so I pass it many times a day, and stop to take in the aromas.

Today when I went out in the rain to see to the chickens, I picked up some flattened daffodils lying in the soil.

I cut a few bits of foliage from the garden hedge to pad out the vase,
and added the few carnations I had left over from the other arrangement

The perfume from these fills the lounge and smells so fresh!
I just can't bare those artificial air fresheners.