Thursday 9 May 2013

Finding some Peace

Sometimes life is thrown into chaos and there is nothing you can do about it.

But there is something I can do (sometimes) to find peace.

Today was one such day.

The sun shone - but it was really windy
so I found sanctuary in my garden studio.

Click to enlarge!

 Using (bought) tulips and clematis - and bamboo from the garden
 I got absolutely lost for an hour or so!
The arrangement has the black twigs I used in my last arrangement
and I cut some Rosemary twigs from the garden too.
 It looks so much better in the garden in the sunshine
 But it smells wonderful in out little lounge.

There is something calming and peaceful about the aroma of Rosemary.

And for tea I baked a great honey, and walnut and chocolate loaf cake.  As soon as it cools I'll be having some - yummy  yummy

Edited - today Friday

I just couldn't resist adding these photos today
The tulips have opened up and look like gorgeous yellow roses
And the perfume from the rosemary is filling the whole room!