Saturday 3 November 2012

Work in progress - which didn't progress sadly

Remember I told you about my disaster a few posts ago?  Well I thought I would show you just a few of the items that had to be binned.

 I bought this charm ages ago and found it in my stash so took a mould from it and created some pendants from it by adding a back disc.
Here are some more I made in their naked state!

The top left Egyptian I created from part of a brass hollow disc just using a piece of the head, and mounting  it on a texturised piece of polymer clay. The daisies were mounted on texturised clay too.  The little bird I had painted yellow and turned it onto a canary - I was sad to see that go.  There is a Welsh Lion / Griffin? which I moulded from a very old metal button - think it might be military, I found it in my button box.  The Japanese symbol started life as a foam stamp and I stamped into clay, baked then took a mould from - and mounted - that was so fiddly and  I dare not tell you how long it took me to achieve that - because the parts just kept falling off or bending etc.   I won't be doing that one again.  But I'll probably have another go at the others.  There are a few of the flower ones in the previous post - but they are rejects.  They had patina spilled over them, and I tried to wipe it off but wiped off the paint too in the process.

At least you know that I haven't been idle!