Thursday 18 September 2008

My First Smile

Today I made my first 'smile'

On a forum I have joined, we were invited to make one for a member who is unwell at the moment - and I was delighted to have a go.

After downloading the template, and deciding on the backing paper - I set about 'altering' it.

I used watercolour pencils, paints, and inks, using lots of colours to enhance it.

I used lemon, lime, yellows, blues, black, brown, and greens. I love texture - so I used lots of clear embossing powder and also used gold embossing powders to highlight areas, and the darker 'spots' are 'sprinkles' of gold - and looks much better and lighter in 'real life'

I added a ribbon hanger.

The reverse is really bright and cheerful - lots red, yellow, orange, green, pink bright fushia - I just inked and painted all over a pale backing paper

I wrote in green - 'It's memories that make you smile' - and then dabbed over green ink. Drew over

I added extra swirls, and dots and then embossed with lots of clear embossing - having drawn with a glue pen - hearts and smiles which you can see in 'real life' if you tilt it or have it under a light. This was taken before I punched the hole and added the ribbon hanging loop