Friday 13 April 2012

Messing about making moulds

 Its raining again, so after the usual morning chores 'sigh' off I went out to the end of the garden.
I thought I would experiment making impressions of 'things' and see how they work out when 'caste' with polymer clay.  

The above which I used polymer clay to make the impression - turned out quite well I thought.
 I wanted them to look like 'found' objects rather than works of art
 So they don't have to be perfect, and I have 'messed them up' a bit
 It's great to experiment with supplies that are so inexpensive that it doesn't matter if they get messed up.
These two are just fragments of the impression I took of

 A roman relic I made here

I made a few more then they all got baked for half a hour - and I sat looking out the window at the torrential rain!
Here are some of the baked examples
 A mushroom
It was fun getting three different face projects from the one mould just by experimenting, and playing with a moulding tool.
These are for an 'Roman' theme project.

So that kept me busy for a few happy hours - it's great to just 'play' and experiment - you never know what you might come up with.

Next I will try to colour the faces etc - but need to wait until I get my 'new eye' !

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