Sunday 29 January 2012

Polymer clay play - Sliced pendants

Thank you for all your lovely and encouraging comments - and I have taken on board  your questions and will answer them in due course - during a post.  The beads are still a 'work in progress' so I have been experimenting - out of my depth as usual - but it's surprising how much you learn what 'not' to do during the process.

I guess the first 'rule' is not to jump too far ahead of yourself - but being an oldie I don't stick to rules any more - life's too short!  The things I am trying are projects that have been created by artists who have been working with polymer clay for over 20/25 years, and I am attempting them after a few weeks!

So, as requested - these are the before photos - before they are sanded and buffed etc The 'after photos' will probably be on Tuesday as I don't get much time on a Monday as I am out.

I layered up some different coloured polymer clays which were metallic.  
The next step was to poke holes in the layers, and then cut them out.

This is where the fun and the mystique starts!
Clay 'in the raw' above

And this is how they turned out after firing.
They go so much darker.

I am making pendants out of the clay, so cutting them out randomly.
This one reminds me of a pair of 'Flower Power' trousers. Mensm side ways on!
See how dull and 'flat' the colours are gone, and the rough edges along the sides - that's why you have to do all the sanding and buffing

Sanding and buffing, sanding and buffing, sanding and buffing, sanding and buffing.
I know it's tiresome reading that, but imagine how tiresome it is to be actually doing it 6 times!
This I made out of leftovers - and I think I like it best of all!
Once I have sanded off all the rough edges, and then do the sand/buff treatment, I think it will come up a treat.