Saturday 2 February 2008

Gloriously Gold - last one

This really is gloriously golden - but the scan makes it look dull. I have painted the vintage bath and textured it, and painted the rose, and the tap is very very shiny 18ct gold!

She looks a classy lady so I thought she deserved an 18ct gold bangle that too looks glitteringly gold

The vintage photo is also edged in gold and mounted on a background ATC which I painted and textured too - to look as though it is wet!

A new challenge Gloriously Gold

Well this was harder than I imagined it to be - the challenge sounded easy - but in practice to get something gloriously gold and looking interesting is another thing. Photos and scans do not show up the bright shiny effect of the gold - and especially the 22ct gold pen I used on this - it is so gloriously bright in daylight - but here it looks dark and dull. And 'Lily' is pale pink too - I used blusher for that.
The ATC is on the blue paper just for scanning purposes.
The collaged area is just the Japanese red and gold paper.

Now this one was very experimental. The backing paper is inked and tiny gold flecks have been added. The ATC has been stamped and embossed quite a few times to build up the texture - and a stamped Japanese calligraphy meaning Happiness - was stamped into the embossing.

The swirl is cardboard and painted and then heated to create more texture. 22ct gold used again on here in places. I painted a Kimono and inked in the facial features of the Geisha.

This last one is a vintage photo which I have enhanced with 22ct gold penwork - I love this image. The backing board is textured which I have painted over three or four times to make it look like a solid frame