Thursday 8 November 2012

Just a box......

I have been getting back into the crafting mode lately - spurred on by the need to make some things for this month's challenge on Happy Daze.

After another rummage around in long forgotten stash under my desk, I discovered a box.
It's about 6"x 6" and it had a sale sticker on it - so it must have been a bargain as I wouldn't have normally bought it.  But it obviously has come in handy as I thought it might!

It is really strong and sturdy and seamless, making it easy to work with.

I painted it with blue metallic acrylic paint - just a cheap tube from a supermarket - and just had enough left to cover the complete box, as it's my grandson's favourite colour!

It took two coats to cover it but I felt that it needed a bit of oomph so I found some silver rub and buff which hasn't seen daylight for years, and did just that - put some on my finger and rubbed, then buffed it.   Silly me didn't take photos of the sides, but as they looked plain, I used silver paint to stamp a swirl on each side and rub and buffed silver on all the corners and edges.

The image is one from a Crafty Individuals book - again something I have had for years, and it was the perfect fit for the aperture in the lid.  I sandwiched the glossy image between transparent plastic sheets cut to size - just to finish it off.

What do you think - would it be good enough to use to put some goodies in for a birthday present?