Sunday 4 July 2010

Here we go!

It's very late, I should be in bed, I've a long day tomorrow, but I felt I just had to make a start on my journal journey. 
I have been plucking up courage to do this.

It's going to hurt - really hurt.
  I had to desconstruct an old book. 
What that really means is that I have to tear it's insides out.
It was as distasteful as gutting a rabbit.

Ouch - it's goes totally 'against the grain' as far as I am concerned.
Would it have been kinder to let it be cremated?
Would it have been less painful?
I have torn it's heart out!

I rescued it from a charity shop
(it was in the 'to be recycled bin' and going cheap)
It was never destined for this.
It's sacrilege of the highest order in my book! (Pardon the pun)

What have I done!
It goes against my upbringing to do this - wreck a book.
It doesn't feel good - it feels like a bad thing to do.
Can I go through with this course?
Am I up for the challenge?

American Independance Day

From the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln's forbears
Wishing you all a great day of celebrations.