Tuesday 11 December 2012

Fiddling around

Well I braved the freezing weather, and crunched through an inch of hailstones that had settled like snow on the paths - which still hasn't thawed out all day - and made it to the end of rhe garden to clean and tidy up my craft table in the studio after yesterday's play with my visitor.

I forgot to take photos of the lovely Japanese style tiles she made from polymer clay which she finished off by painting and experimenting with rub and buff - in gold and silver - which was a big hit!

Whilst clearing up I came across a few things I made some weeks ago - from scrap clay - just playing really, without any preconceived intention of creating anything.

 I made three tiny bird houses - I had to take these photos through my magnifer!
 I painted two of them today and varnished them.
 And turned them into little charms for a necklace or bracelet.
 It's such a dark day again today, that even under the magnifier light the photos are rubbish
 As I have mentioned before  - my creations are pure therapy so if anything turns out useable it's a bonus - but mostly it doesn't - it the relaxation of just messing around and day-dreaming - whilst looking out onto the garden and watching the birds and chickens playing around!
 These birds haven't been sanded or anything yet and I am not even sure that I'll ever use them.
They are the size of my thumbnail and I couldn't really see what I was doing when I made them, they are so tiny.  I might sand and paint this one - they've both got holes in through their backs to their tummies so will take a pin to make a bead.  If you could see how tiny the scrap of brown clay was you would have laughed!