Friday 1 January 2010

This is one I made earlier - and it got messed up!

I made this 'roaring twenties' pendant - then had an accident and messed it up! I had glued the UTEE'd image in with Superglue yesterday, but when I went to look at it today one side of it hadn't stuck properly, so I tried to carefully prise it out to re-do it and it snapped. Argh!

It was such a shame - I have messed up quite a few - but at least I managed to salvage the glass dangley flower for the pendant below

A piece of Victoriana

 I was looking through an old book I had bought from a charity shop, all about the Victorian era and came across a photo of a painting which I really liked - and thought that part of it would look good in a pendant - and here it is! 

As before, I have used a book plate that has been distressed to age it.  Added a little glass 'dangley' and a soft suede thong to hang it on.  I am working on one more - it's proving to be quite difficult - but I like a challenge.  UTEE is such an unpredictable material to use.  Just when you think you have mastered it - it plays up again and you mess up more than a few images.