Friday 26 June 2009

TGiF Alphabet

It is Friday again - so soon and over on their site the challenge this week is Alphabet.

I popped over to Jo Capper-Sandon's blog where I saw her latest gorgeous work of art for the theme - which prompted me to have a go.

It is hot here - very hot - and very humid - the sort of weather where you just want to flop and doze - but I thought I would have a go.

Sadly I did not achieve anything anywhere near Jo's standard - I even printed out a picture of hers to inspire me - but what was in my head didn't translate into reality - so instead I just played about.

I loved the way that Paula had made these cards on Wednesday cutting out parts of quote stamps, so I thought I might try that.

After many goes, I failed miserably at that too. (She can't make jam though so I am giving her some LOL) Edited to say that apparently Paula can make jam - I see a competition coming some time soon LOL

This is what I ended up with (Click to enlarge)

The mount board I painted with shades of blue ink, and tried to get a cloudy effect.

I stamped all the images on, and outlined some with white pen (as Paula had done on one of her cards). I did cut out some pieces of quote, but only one turned out OK. The other I stamped straight on to the board. Tim Holtz stamps in this set look 'grungy' it's not me smudging them - honest!

The 'd' (for disaster or dream) is punched out of card, which I painted black and embossed - that actually looks good in real life!

Off to cook the crumble, which I should have done instead to messing about in my studio shed - and 'd' for dream that one day I will master this arty crafty lark.

And when I have finished all that, put my chickens away, tidied up my things in the studio, I will just have time to make tea before I run out of energy.

Have a good weekend everyone

Just a book - not a work of art.

I made this large thick book for our youngest granddaughter as an 'extra' surprise present. It is about an inch thick and is A4 size cut in half vertically - full of plain paper, so that she can draw, paint, glue, write - or do whatever ever she likes in it.

The covers are made out of thick robust mount board - to withstand the bashing that it will no doubt get.

Although it's not a work of art - I did take a lot of time and trouble making it - so I thought I might as well show it or you might think I haven't been doing much for a week.

I have also put together lots of arty crafty goodies for her, papers, stamped Gorjuss images, ribbons, a card making kit, in fact a big tin full of stuff (I decorated the tin too - one of those huge tins you get at Christmas full of sweets).

We are off to see the family, and I am taking lots of other goodies too. Home made jams, a sunflower in a pot for Kerys to grow on, cucumber plant, 24 chocolate brownies, 12+ Date and walnut cakes - a big tray bake I made cut up! And I am just off in a minute to bake a huge gooseberry and apple crumble - their mum's favourite.