Monday 16 July 2007

Dominoes - Work in progress

I have been away on holiday and did not have time to finish the large altered art dominoes I was working on - and I am itching to get 'cracking' on them.

I have the reverse sides to do - and also some more things to add to them to make them originals.

I do so hope that I can get time to complete them this week - but with a jam packed diary at the moment, I have my doubts!

Another 'work in progress' which I am longing to finish

I am working on this 'Romantic' Domino - I have done one side, but have yet to do the other and some 'fancy' bits - I am looking forward to getting into town to buy some things, and get some inspiration!

Wednesday 4 July 2007

Altered Dominoes

For a few days I have been having a go at altering dominoes for another swap on a forum.

The middle and the small top domino have glitter in the lacquer which doesn't really show up properly on here.

This is one side of each, I still have the reverse sides to do.

I am not showing the one I have completed for the swap - it is a small one - the others are the more usual playing ones - I bought a set in a charity shop so have lots to swap and share.

I would love to be able to drill a hole in them - so that they can be used for all sorts of things - but that is beyond my capabilities at the moment!

Indigo Swap - Zuzu's Forum

I remember seeing the film 'The Color Purple' and being moved by it - so this is what I was thinking of when I made this - from a stamped image Kath sent me - for which I am very grateful It took ages to colour in with watercolour pencils and gold pen, and then I went over the black areas, and coloured the white mounting surround black. The textured backing card I have stamped.

I was thinking of Zuzu, for whose forum I was making these ATCs. She is getting married today - and is wearing a gorgeous deep red corset - alas the colour scheme for this swap is Indigo. I added some texture with the different shades of purple threads, and in reality it is deeper shades of purples, and the background is inked with silver penwork by me.

The Warrior - a stamped image from my friend Kath, which I have coloured in different shades of purple.

I was try to show her strength by drawing in the 'Auras' around her!

I am not sure if these are good enough to enter - but I did have a happy four hours making them today.

Tuesday 3 July 2007

Faces Theme - Swaps Received

I was so thrilled to get my Faces swaps in return for the ones I entered on Zuzu's Forum.

'Sarah's Face' by the lady herself Zuzu. I love the stamped face - the soft chalky pink, and the collaged wording and bumble bee - also the mirror images of bees stamped underneath.

This is Ginger's face ATC. I can't put this one down - there is so much to feel and see. And the wonderful warm colours.

This one is by Nes - a lovely combination of greens. I love the soft chalky green colour and the face is so enigmatic.

This is a lovely zingy stamped ATC made by Anne

Thank you ladies - you are so clever and I can learn a lot by studying these

Monday 2 July 2007

A Wedding Card for friends - in the forum and blogging world

I made this for a lady I do swaps with - she is getting married on the 4th July - yes Independence Day! Her husband to be wears specs so I drew a pair on the groom - and I thought the lady looked like Louise too.

Louise likes embossing and textures - so I layered and layered and layered a Tim Holtz Distressed embossing powder on the card, and bought ribbon to match - in the hope that it looks a similar colour to her outfit

I won't tell you how long it took. The lady is a wonderful artist, so it made me nervous making it - still its the thought that counts.

The inside.

They are a lovely couple and I wish them every happiness on their special day - and hope one day to meet them.