Sunday 11 January 2009

Bamboo Tile book mark/thong

I decorated a whole stack of this little tiles before Christmas - for presents, for decorations, and just because I loved doing them.

There were some that I hadn't finished - and this was one of them.

One side has this image on it - which I thought lent itself to being a book mark or book thong as they are often called.

I sealed with several layers of Shellac which gave it a lovely light amber coloured glaze and gave it a vintage look I thought.

On the reverse I put this risque vintage image - with all her 'naughty bits' hidden by blue butterflies.

I am entering it for a swap on Craft Stamper Forum - and the 'spec' was to include it in a piece of art. So I made a tag - it's tinted with the same colours that appear on the domino. I also embossed it with clear embossing powder to hightlight some fot he features - but it doesn't show up on this photo. I am really happy with the little butterfly. It looks lifelike just settled on the tag - and I have embossed it too so the body looks lovely and shiny and the wings catch the light too.

A complimentary coloured ribbon - the same shade as the backing paper on the written side of the domino was threaded through - and I weighted it with a link - again from the same broken bracelet and glued it to the ribbon. I also added one of the rings that linked the pieces all together to hold the ribbon together

I finished off by making a tiny tag similar to the bigger one - as a 'modesty' tag to hide the nude.

I think I am all domino'd out for now!

It started it's life an anonymous tile in a place mat .....then it escaped

It started off as one of the above - a little bamboo tile which was one of a hundred or so that make up a placemat - which you can buy from The Artistic Stamper

Then, with fine sandpaper, alcohol inks, pva glue, a rubber stamp, and black embossing powder.

The back looked like this.

With the addition of a vintage picture, gold Krylon pen outlining, a few sprays of varnish each side, some silk thread, and two bits from a broken chunky bracelet - you end up with a book mark!