Friday 3 August 2012

Polymer Clay Play

I decided that I like the process of messing about with 'stuff' but when it comes to assembling things like the trinket box (on the previous post) - I am just no good at it - yet.  I don't seem to have the 'vision' at the moment - but I'll keep practising. 

So in the meantime - I had another experimental evening yesterday making these.

 This is a faux wood experiment.  I used an art doll face mould and carved it about a bit.  And just gave it a coat of matt clay varnish.  I think it would make a nice knecklace or pendant.  I'll have to see if I have any beads to go with it - or make some.
Gold or silver chain if I make a necklace?

I am finding that playing with clay is very restful.  I love the feel of it - it's like messing about with plastercine!  I never have an idea of what I am going to do with it.
I just get out a lump of white sculpey, roll it around to condition it and then see what happens.
This is made by moulding, hacking (oops I mean artful carving lol) and the stamping of butterflies. Finished off with a light coat of acrylic paint, then a darker shading at the bottom, and sealed with polyclay sealant as before - for a matt finish.  It looks like a piece of pottery.

Another 'one off' to be put in a box and used at a later time.
That's another joy of clay - each piece is original - which I like. For good or bad there are never two the same!