Tuesday 13 July 2010

Kate has arrived safely at her destination

She was met by her cousins who whisked her away to meet their friends, but she did manage to make some time to write to Lucinda.

I wonder where she is - look at that notepaper!

It's gilded!  Lucinda has never seen paper like that before and her eyes are wide with amazement and wonder

'Oh this is so exciting', she thinks,
and can't help but sit and try to imagine herself in Kate's place.

'Well well, her poor country cousins have friends in high places, and she has been whisked away to a Chateau just outside Paris!  I must arrange to see Mrs Ellingham and talk to her French maid to find out what it is like in France.  Perhaps she can teach me the language.' 
Lucinda muses, beginning to feel rather envious of her friend. 

Oh my goodness, the chateau looks rather grand, no wonder she gets gilded paper to write on!

I think that we are only going to get an edited version of her adventures as there are not enough pages in one book for her to write about them all!